Truck Camper Awning: How to Install a Rear Awning for Truck Camping

ARB awning extended from back rear of toyota truck shell camper with outdoor kitchen

When we set out to design our truck bed camper build, we realized that we’d be using the space at the back of the truck a LOT - it’s our kitchen, dining room, and outdoor living space while truck camping.

And we needed to have some way to protect this valuable real estate from the elements.

In this short post we’ll walk you through a solution we came up with that will help make your truck camping adventures a little less claustrophobic when the weather turns south, or keep you cool when the sun’s bearing down.


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what Truck camper awning should you use?

We’d seen a variety of awnings mounted to the sides of overland vehicles, but never off the rear of a truck camper. So we began our search for the best awning for the job.

After looking a lot of brands, we found the ARB 1250x2100 awning (model# 814301)*.

At 48” wide and approximately 8ft long, it’s the perfect size for our DIY truck camper build. It offers enough protection to keep us out of the rain and sun when setup, while not being so wide that it would catch tree limbs on the trail when packed away.

Truck camper rear mounted ARB awning with family having picnic under

The only downside is that ARB has not made a wall/room option available for this model.

Because of this, we did really consider the more traditional ARB Awning 2000x2500 (model# 814201) with Deluxe room addition (model# 813208A)*, but it was just too wide for the rear of the pickup where we needed the awning the most.

How can you mount it?

But the question of how to mount an awning to the rear of the pickup still persisted.

After a lot of digging we found that Fourtreks - a California based company - makes a modular awning mount that offered the perfect solution!

We were able to get a mount that allowed us to secure the ARB awning to the rear of our Yakima LoadWarrier roof rack*.

Mounting a truck camper rear awning

The Fourtreks mounts are made of solid billet aluminum and simply clamp around the roof rack’s bar using two allen bolts.

Fourtreks mounts attaching rear awning to truck camper off yakima rack

I should note that we ordered Fourtrek’s 1” modular awning mounts by mistake and we were able to make it work, but the 1.25” would have been a better fit for the LoadWarrier’s 1.25” top bar diameter on the rear.

Then ARB’s included mounting screws get slid into the awning, and bolted to the Fourtreks mounts.

Total install time was under 30 min!

The image below shows the rear mounted truck camper awning stowed away.

ARB awning mounted of back of toyota truck bed camper

And here’s the finished setup in all its glory!

man and toddler having picnic under rear mounted truck camper ARB awning

We’re incredibly happy with the way it turned out, and hope this quick post helps you in your pursuit of the ultimate DIY truck camper!

If you’re curious about other components of our build, leave a comment below and let us know!


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As always, thanks for reading!

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