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Welcome to our site!

We’re Patrick and Lindsey (along with our daughter Em), and if you’re like us, you dream of ditching the 9 to 5 in exchange for more location independence, time, and adventure.

As lovers of the outdoors, experienced budget travelers, and avid tacklers of all things DIY, we recently transformed our vintage Toyota Pickup into a truck camping adventure mobile as a means to get out and find more adventure as a family! was created as a way to share our story with you, while also providing a resource for all the things we learn along the way, including guides and tutorials on how to build your own off grid truck bed camper, tips on road-trip and overland travel planning, and information related to truck camping and the gear we use. As well as how we make it work with a family, on a budget, while staying organized and sane.

More About Us

Our wanderlust for travel began nearly a decade ago when we had the opportunity to take several extended budget road trips around the United States, totaling more than 30,000 miles while exploring 41 states and 28 National Parks.

Though we don’t desire full-time travel at this point (we love coming back to our home, our yard, and our community!), we are trying to figure out how to make a life of location independence and intermittent travel work for our now family of three!

More than anything, we want more of that most valuable of resources, time - and who doesn’t!?

There are so many incredible places to see, explore, and share with one another!

So our lifestyle choices have been driven by this desire, working tirelessly to become debt free in order to ditch the 9-to-5, slow down, live on less, and adventure more.

And we’d love for you to join us on our journey as we figure out what this new chapter looks like!

Our DIY Truck Shell Camper

This is our 1984 Toyota Pickup turned deluxe DIY truck bed camper and overland travel vehicle.

After trying out multiple ways of getting from point A to point Z over the years, we finally landed on a small (let’s be real, it’s tiny!) DIY truck bed camper.

Patrick has meticulously researched and designed all components that went into the truck camper build, to create the perfect off grid capable space for us to adventure from.

Sometimes used as a truck camper for the weekend, sometimes as an overland travel vehicle taking us far off the beaten path, and sometimes as a budget road trip adventure mobile allowing us to affordably travel, it provides a place where we can meet our basic needs and get a comfortable night's sleep along the way.

It’s really pretty sweet!

So if you’re curious about how we make it work as a family of three, or about any component related to the DIY truck camper build, or want more information on how you can customize what Patrick has done to fit your own family and dream, we’d love for you to check out the rest of our site!

overlanding truck camper crossing water

Please JOIN US - we’d love to have you along - as we gear up and take on this life of adventure!