Road Shower: The Best Truck Camping Shower

Road Shower mounted on the exterior of a truck shell camper.

When we set out to build our truck camping and overland travel rig, one of the first orders of business was to figure out what portable camping shower would be best for our needs. And since we also needed a camping water container for storing all our water while on the road, the answer pretty quickly became apparent: The Road Shower!


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Why the Road Shower?

After nearly a year of usage both camping and traveling, it’s clear that there are several factors that make the Road Shower* the ideal truck camping shower:

  1. The Road Shower can be mounted on the exterior of the vehicle!

  • This was HUGE, because when truck camping or car camping you always need to maximize interior space for gear or a sleeping platform. The Road Shower can be easily mounted on a roof rack, load bars, or cargo basket.

  • As it happened, the 7 gallon Road Shower that we landed on fit perfectly inside the Yakima Load Warrior* w/ Extension* on our camper shell. Here are some images of the install:


2. The Road Shower can double as a camping water container!

  • Water storage is always a challenge while truck camping or doing any vehicle based camping - you need a camping water container that’s large enough so that you won’t be constantly refilling, but one that’s not so massive that it weighs you down.

filling the road shower that doubles as a camping water container
  • The Road Shower comes in 4, 7, and 10 gallon capacities which provides options depending on your needs and intended use - after some deliberation and taking the dimensions of each into consideration we settled on the 7 gallon Road Shower 4 model.

  • For our family of three, 7 gallons is enough water to last 2-3 days before refilling (when conserving the best we can of course!). And we use it for everything - drinking, showering, cooking, cleaning, etc.

  • NOTE: You should routinely flush and sterilize any camping water container with a highly diluted bleach mixture, making sure to thoroughly rinse this mixture from the container afterwards with clean water before refilling with potable drinking water.

3. The Road Shower is a pressurized portable camping shower!

This is important for a couple of reasons - especially when considering overland travel:

pressurizing the road shower portable camp shower while truck camping
  • With a pressurized camp shower, there are no mechanical pumps or mechanisms to break. You simply “air up” or pressurize the water tank with a bicycle pump or 12v air compressor, and this pressure is what pushes out the water. And you can completely regulate the flow, just like when using a garden hose at home!

  • The Road Shower also has the highest pressure rating (65 PSI) of any other pressurized portable camping shower we considered. This means that it requires fewer “air-ups” per fill. In our experience with the 7 gallon model, one good pressurization to 65 psi can completely drain the tank.

  • It will literally BLAST water out if you need it! If fully pressurized, the Road Shower can shoot a stream of water over 50ft. This is extremely useful for washing mud off of gear (and pets) when needed.

4. The Road Shower has a great feature set and build quality!

  • The water tank is built of aluminum (unlike the ABS or polypropylene plastics of some of the other pressurized camping showers and DIY options). Though this does make it heavier than other options, we felt it was worth the trade-off to know that the tank couldn’t easily be punctured or cracked out on the trail.

Wolfwise shower tent and road shower in use while truck camping
  • The Road Shower includes two water outlets - one on each end of the tank - allowing you to customize the outputs to your truck camping or car camping needs. We opted to position the standard hose/spray nozzle toward the rear of our truck so it could be easily used for food-prep and kitchen clean up, and then we installed the Road Shower flexible stainless-steel shower head at the front of the tank with a quick release attachment so that showering at camp would be as easy as possible and away from the camp kitchen.

  • TIP** We highly recommend getting a shower tent* to make bathing and changing in less-than-secluded campsites a little easier

5. The Road Shower is a solar camping shower!

Road Shower with thermostat showing solar heated water temperature
  • This means that because the Road Shower’s water tank is painted flat black, when you’re parked in direct sunlight the tank will heat the water inside.

  • Though it won’t ever get scalding hot, it will heat the water to a comfortable temperature slightly higher than the ambient air temperature outside. And it certainly makes for a more enjoyable bathing experience than a chilly dip in a spring-fed creek or river.

The Road Shower* has proven to be a reliable and incredibly valuable part of our truck camping gear, and we couldn’t be happier with its performance as both our truck camping shower and camping water container.

And if you’re interested in some ways to stay clean when camping or traveling, head over to this post.

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