How one family ditched the 9 to 5, fixed up an old Toyota Pickup, and set out on a life of truck camping and overland travel adventure. And how you can too!


Join us as we share how we #takethetruck, as a family, on a budget, while staying organized and (hopefully) sane!


A bit about us:

We’re Patrick and Lindsey, and along with our daughter Em we’re ditching the 9 to 5 in exchange for more location independence, time, and adventure. As lovers of the outdoors, experienced budget travelers, and avid tacklers of all things DIY, we recently transformed our vintage Toyota Pickup into a truck camping overland adventure mobile! And now it's time to hit the road, and find new adventures as a truck camping family!

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All things related to the truck camper build, the interior space, sleeping platform, how we organize it, how we outfit the truck for overland travel, and how you can modify and customize what we’ve done to fit your own truck camping adventure.

Want to know more about family overland travel, some of our favorite destinations, how to make the most out of budget road trips, daily life in a truck camper with a toddler, or tips for staying organized while on the road? We’ll cover all of this, and more!

Find practical advice for everything from weekend trips to weeks-long adventures - how to plan, what to pack, and how to get the most out of your time in the outdoors with family.


Curious what gear we find essential? What luxury items make this whole thing work? Or what we leave behind? We’ll provide you with our comprehensive gear list, as well as offer detailed guides for making smart equipment decisions that meet your own needs and adventures.








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