The Best Memory Foam Truck Bed Mattress for Truck, Van, or SUV Camping

milliard trifold camping mattress on truck shell sleeping platform of truck camper

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(Psst! If you’re still debating between which type of camping bed you’re interested in, check out our post comparing the pros and cons between foam sleeping pads, air mattresses, and memory foam camping mattresses).

After waking up sore and tired while truck camping, sleeping on our old foam truck bed mattress, we knew we needed to upgrade if we were going to make this work while traveling as a family.

During those early camping trips, we stared into the back of the truck trying to come up with a design that would land us with both a comfortable and functional truck bed mattress.

If you’re also trying to come up with a great camping mattress to outfit your small and possibly awkward dual purpose space (maybe an SUV used for weekend over-nighters, a minivan turned camper, or a pickup topper turned truck bed camper), we have your solution!

milliard trifold memory foam camping mattress in truck shell camper with sleeping bag

It’s the Milliard Tri Fold Mattress*, and it totally changed our truck bed camping experience.

milliard trifold memory foam camping mattress for a small camper

What makes this the perfect truck bed mattress for truck camping?

It’s SUPER Comfortable!

Comfort (or lack of) is a huge factor when selecting the best truck bed mattress, especially if you have any plans for longer term travel in your future.

Personally, multiple nights on a thin pad just doesn’t cut it!

Their 6” tri fold mattress* is made with 4.5 inches of foam, topped with 1.5 inches of premium memory foam.

You’ll feel like you’re sleeping in your own bed at home! Seriously. It is the most comfortable camping mattress we’ve ever slept on, whether we’re on our sides, backs, or stomachs.

However, with this mattress being 6” thick, you do have to sacrifice that extra head room. Milliard does offer a 4” tri fold foam mattress* that would give some additional head space. Their 4” version does not include that extra layer of memory foam - its comprised totally of foam and has a firmer feel as compared to the 6”.

One of our subscribers purchased the 4” tri fold and they really love it, plus the online reviews are positive. If we were purchasing a truck camping mattress again, we’d give this thinner one a closer look, as every little bit of head room counts!

(Another way we stay comfortable while sleeping is through using our vent fan - check out our post about it!)

It’s a Tri Fold Mattress!

This is the best part!

When working with a minimal amount of indoor living space like you find in a truck bed, van, or SUV, this folding mattress becomes an indisputable gem.

All setups are different, but for us, being able to quickly fold the mattress section nearest the tailgate up keeps the mattress cleaner as we use the truck and outdoor kitchen throughout the day.

This also creates a comfy indoor lounge area, and exposes a section of the platform that our daughter can use as a play area on a rainy day.

The tri fold mattress allows you to transform your bedroom into both a living room and playroom!

It’s Portable!

If you don’t plan to travel in your vehicle or truck camper full time, having a truck bed mattress that is easily removable and portable is important.

The mattress can easily come inside, giving it time to air out while offering an additional sleeping spot for extra guests.

Milliard tri fold mattress foldable and portable

And because it’s a foldable mattress and weighs only 35 pounds, it's easy for Patrick to manage solo. I struggle a bit more because of its awkward bulky shape.

The mattress cover seam where each trifold section is joined together is already wearing from my trying to man handle it a few times, so be mindful of this.

They do make carrying bags with handles* for certain sizes and thicknesses of the Milliard mattress, so if you have a difficult time moving the thing around you might see if they offer one that fits your mattress.

milliard trifold mattress with worn seam

It’s the Perfect Size Truck Bed Mattress

When considering a foldable mattress for your unique space, don’t forget to consider that it would ideally fold up while in place in your vehicle!

We found that the full size at 52” wide can just slide into the truck bed and be folded up when laying flat on the sleeping platform, without becoming wedged underneath the bed rails.

And we use the little bit of dead space on each side of the mattress (under the bed rails) as part of our “closet”, nicely sorted and organized through the use of clear bags.

(Milliard does make this mattress in 3 sizes (twin, full, queen), and the twin may be great for solo traveling or truck camping for individuals.)

The mattress was about 3” too long for the truck bed sleeping platform, but thankfully, we knew that wasn’t a big deal because foam is easy to modify (and we share how we did it here).

Another thing to take into consideration is the vertical space that is required to fold each section of foam.

folding trifold mattress up in back of truck bed camper

You don’t want to have to pull the mattress out each time you want to fold part of it up because of lack of clearance. We didn’t think of this, but got lucky!

It’s Easy to Clean

Things can get dirty pretty quick when you’re truck camping, hiking, traveling, and exploring, and possibly not showering quite as frequently as you would prefer.

Plus, toddler happens.

So the ability to easily keep a camping mattress or truck bed mattress clean is important!


This Milliard tri fold mattress has a thin non-removable cover sewn around the foam to protect it. On top of that, it also has a fitted soft cover with an anti-slip bottom which is zippered around the foam and can be easily removed and thrown in the washing machine.

We add a sheet on top of all of that for a little added protection and then sleep in a sleeping bag on top of that.

**Toddler Camping Tip: If you’re sharing a foam sleeping space with a kiddo that still has occasional accidents at night, you could layer his or her general sleeping area up with plastic lining and an absorbent layer to protect the actual mattress from any damage. With the Milliard mattress, it's nice to be able to add those layers under the zippered fitted sheet because it holds it all in place pretty well. If an accident happens, you’re (hopefully!!) dealing with nothing more than a wet sheet, and possibly a wet sleeping bag.**

woman and child on milliard tri fold camping mattress and sleeping bag in truck shell camper

So if you’re on the lookout for the perfect truck bed mattress or camping mattress for an SUV, van, minivan, truck bed camper, or campervan (basically any smaller camping rig or dual purpose vehicle where you need to make optimal use of the space), definitely check out the Milliard tri fold foam mattress*!

We are really happy with it, and having a comfortable, foldable, portable, and modifiable mattress for these types of spaces is a serious win!

We hope this helps you in your search for the perfect truck bed mattress for your adventure mobile, and please let us know in the comments section if you have any questions.

As always, thanks for reading! And for more information about our DIY truck bed camper or our truck camping family adventures, please SUBSCRIBE!

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